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Let's build new tools to strengthen our communities. Together.

How might we create new definitions of community engagement and shared success?

How might we center the role of the library in a community’s ongoing development?

How might we leverage the library as a hub for collective action and community growth?


Toby Greenwalt

Toby Greenwalt is a librarian, technologist, and founder of Flywheel Strategies.

He has spent nearly twenty years in the field – always focused on finding new ways for libraries to connect with communities and make their impact known to a wider audience.

Toby’s work has pushed the boundaries of what libraries are known for, helping to define and expand competencies in community engagement, data literacy, and digital equity.

Through all of his work, Toby is passionate in his belief that public libraries are unique platforms for individual growth and collective development.

what we DO

Collaborative tools for better libraries.

Flywheel Strategies is a boutique consulting firm focused on strengthening the role libraries play in their communities. We can help you better understand your constituents, create shared definitions of success, and demonstrate your impact to library users, partners, and funders alike. Learn more about our theory of change.


Whether it’s staff, partners, technology, or skills, knowing your resources and how they connect is key to creating an effective impact model.


How do your library’s metrics connect to local issues and demographic trends? Having these in place can help you create more effective goals.

Strategic Engagement

How do you tie your library’s successes to those of the community? The library becomes more valued when everyone has a stake in its continued growth.

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